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Number 16

Par 3 - 143m (Stroke 7)

Tricky short hole with water left and right. Beware of the steep-sloped green from right to left and back to front.

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Hole 15

Par 4 - 376m (Stroke 5)

Uphill Par 4 with a dog-leg from right to left. The Green is 36m long, so don't be fooled with the false front.

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Hole 1

Par 4 - 389m (Stroke 4)

Straightforward Par 4 with a sneakily narrow fairway and a sloped green from back to front.

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Hole 9

Par 4 - 398m (Stroke 2)

One of the toughest holes on the course. A dogleg, right to left with 3 bunkers to contend with on the hole. 

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